Building Creative Confidence.

Abstracted from still life. Oil on Canvas.

Really looking forward to tutoring ‘Building Creative Confidence’ at the Kapiti Women’s Centre. Below is a link to the pdf detailing the great courses being offered at the Centre this term.

PDF of the courses at KWC for Term 4

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3 Responses to Building Creative Confidence.

  1. I’ll contact the WRC in the morning. 🙂


  2. Gill Allen says:

    HI there, well you are always very welcome – I think it’s filling up though. I am thinking of scheduling another one so will post it when I make the decision. You have had a lot of information going in whilst away so nothing wrong with a period of ‘lull’ :).


  3. I’ll still feeling in a lull (and as much as I love the sound of the word I don’t like being in one) and need to join you!


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