A Piece from the Past…Nautilus

After a change of circumstance in 2011 I found myself living happily solo with my son, the optimism had returned to my thoughts, along with a rich array of colour in my artwork. More so I had found the courage to experiment and allow the work to grow – to travel across the canvas – a true journey of discovery. When speaking to others about this piece I have continually heard myself say that this was the most honest and satisfying painting I have undertaken – I still agree. There was a real freedom found in the creative process, I was excited to step up to it with the knowledge that I did not know what to expect, no planning, no demands – such freedom! Painting in the ‘Now’ – now there’s a good title for a book!

Painting Synopsis: We can plan our journey through this life; make our lists, pack our bags, schedule our time, our days, our hours, be effective and efficient, but sometimes we need to allow ourselves to be led, to follow a path without the knowledge of it’s destination, to trust our intuition – in doing so we allow others the chance to tread within our footsteps…

“Nautilus” oil on canvas – artists own collection.

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