Watercolour river studies…continuing my sketchbook journey.

Its important to me that I endeavour to capture outdoor holiday moments in my visual diary. So right now I am experimenting with tiny watercolour studies with mixed results…and that’s okay.

My learnings:

  • Make a few notans of your photo image to start with, it allows you to really see your large shapes, direction of movement and point of interest
  • It’s important to lightly sketch large shapes and placement of key subjects as accurately as possible
  • Apply masking fluid carefully to those areas you wish to leave white and work on later
  • Maintain those precious lights and whites of the paper
  • Dont be afraid to make dark areas dark (don’t use black it deadens your work)
  • Contrast is important
  • Use a limited palette to start, I mainly used three watercolours plus white gouache:
    • French Ultramarine
    • Rose Madder
    • Gamboge Yellow

I’m not a watercolourist but I do enjoy sketching with watercolour, gouache, pen and ink.

2.5″ watercolour study,
and heres to many more!

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