Taking inspiration from the local landscape…

These views have been gifted to me as my muse for this time in my life and I am thankful. Green, lush and rolling, mostly unreachable by foot I attempt to depict their rugged wildness by thought and hand in washes of viridian and splashes of cadmium and ochre. My pencil traces their edges, where the tips of their grassy hills touch the vast skies above.

I purchased a tiny sketchbook months ago and decided it would be the perfect compliment to my local walks with just a 2b pencil to accompany it, fitting snugly in my top pocket along with my phone to take a few reference shots back in the studio.

There is definitely something grounding about standing and observing, of documenting the contours of the land. It’s the shorthand of sketching I guess.

There is power in those deliberate first marks, as the pencil touches the clean white of the page capturing that intimate moment between the artist and the land. An indelible link is formed which time may fade but not erase,and that lives on through the artists interpretation.

On this particular walk I noticed the incredible diversity of greens around me and took a few shots hoping to emulate these into my growing body of work.

As my collection of studies and experiments build I will continue to document my journey.

Thank you for joining me…

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