An afternoon of sketching in Ohau, New Zealand

This post documents the initial stages of capturing my landscape studies.

It takes very few lines to remind myself just what attracted me to the focal point of my landscape. They may look like random scribbles but for me they contain a succinct reminder of the contours of the land, texture of trees and bushes, and horizon line.

A little unprepared I managed to find a biro and jotter pad in my glovebox … anything will suffice!

The images below are cropped and their contrast and colours accentuated. These sit side by side the quick sketches, referencing colour and texture.

Below are the working drawings. I didn’t use the photos for reference preferring the freedom and spontaneity of the sketches.

Watersoluble Pencil and Watercolor
Adding colour with watercolour trying to remember how the light fell… should have noted this down in the sketches.
Last layer soft pastel
“Where Water Meets Fire”
“Brambles and Boundaries”

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