Patience makes perfect…or does it?

There are times when I make myself take up a challenge in the studio that I know will stretch my patience and creative knowledge. This large charcoal drawing of my birthday flowers is one of them. I knew the sculptural nature of the blooms would work well in charcoal as I desaturated and cropped my photos of this beautiful bouquet.

It took several full days to complete and much erasing and re-establishing the contrast and form. I’m happy with the end result, mainly because I developed my patience muscle! Does patience make perfect? Well maybe not quite but this artist is happy.

The grid… establishing the shapes.

Establishing the highlights.

Re-establishing the blooms.

Tulips and Fressias 2023

4 thoughts on “Patience makes perfect…or does it?

    1. Thank you Laura, I knew I would need to make many adjustments to get to know the composition and the flowers themselves and I find charcoal is perfect for this.

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