Taieri River Landscape – the process

I've come to realise the importance of preparatory study before diving into a final painting. This post details the steps prior to the finished artwork, I hope you find it both interesting and useful. Photo was taken just outside Ranfurly, New Zealand during a wonderful weekend of teaching. The original photograph. I was drawn to... Continue Reading →

My landscape process – a day of acrylic sketching.

I entered the studio this morning with the hint of an idea for the day - small postcard sized acrylics on 225gsm paper. I wanted to capture the landscape in a quick and spontaneous manner, keeping my colours limited and reducing the composition to it's simplest form using one size bristle brush for the most... Continue Reading →

Colour palettes, sketchbooks and letting go.

At times art is elusive, you have a fairly clear idea of what you are wanting to achieve, but the steps don't quite take you there. I had a relatively productive weekend, but what I am trying to achieve is the translation of soft pastel painting to acrylic painting whilst maintaining the linear quality and... Continue Reading →

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