“Promise”…to bring a little joy

Emerging from dark inky beginnings this piece of work burst onto the canvas with every positive fibre the brush and palette allowed. Colour is queen in my studio and although small in stature I believe this painting grabs the attention without being boastful. Contact me should you be interested in purchasing this work. Acrylic and... Continue Reading →

Winter warmth…Springs promise…

I am currently producing a series of work specifically for print.  With all that has been  experienced this year and with winter slowly fading into spring, colour is a must for me in the studio, it's vibrancy and warmth covering the dullness of winter.  I am holding on to the positive feelings that come from new... Continue Reading →

Rhododendron – Collage Continued…

What started with a session of intuitive painting resulted in a piece of work combining collage and the painted line. I am enjoying this way of working as I don't quite know what my next move is. It takes all expectation out of the process which I find both freeing and interesting, with each step... Continue Reading →

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