Abstracted Landscape…celebrating line.

I recently completed an on-line taster course #louisefletcher that took me out of my comfort zone and into a way of self-expression that I feel is a true reflection of myself and a style of working that embraces my love of bold line and colour. Working further on this journey I am experimenting with a... Continue Reading →

Further experiments towards an abstracted landscape.

From water-based ink to permanent ink, acrylic and soft pastel, I feel I am moving in the right direction with this image. Wanting to further abstract and delve into the immenseness of this landscape, it's far reaching water-ways and undulating ranges. I may possibly change the colour scheme to reflect it's peacefulness and test the... Continue Reading →

“Promise”…to bring a little joy

Emerging from dark inky beginnings this piece of work burst onto the canvas with every positive fibre the brush and palette allowed. Colour is queen in my studio and although small in stature I believe this painting grabs the attention without being boastful. Contact me should you be interested in purchasing this work. Acrylic and... Continue Reading →

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