“Introduction to Landscape using Soft Pastel”…the postcard studies.

Do-I Workshops - Shop 2, 89 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North - Thursday 28th January 2021 from 5.30pm - 1.5 hour - "Introduction to Landscape using Soft Pastel"...the postcard studies. Excited to be part of this new initiate in Palmerston North...Do-I - A place to do inspiration, innovation and information... With a stunning variety of colours... Continue Reading →

Life-long Learning – a chain of discovery from one to another…

Influence and the emulation of creativity from one creative to another has been part of our culture for centuries, it is how we progress and adapt as artists and individuals. Degas studied classical painting under Louis Lamothe then followed in the footsteps of his idol, the French Neoclassicist Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. Vincent van Gogh traveled to Brussels... Continue Reading →

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