His and Hers II – Gouache on Hahnemuhle 300gsm HP paper.

Back to my gouache studies today. This is the second gouache work around the subject of the avocado and the geranium, it was also the subject for my submission to the ‘Purely Pastel 2022’ exhibition at the Pataka Museum. Image and details at the bottom of this post.

Gouache has a whole new set of qualities and challenges; I love the opaque nature of the medium. I recently attended an on-line workshop on Skillshare by Kate Cooke an English artist and illustrator. I really love Kate’s style and her wonderful use of colour.

“His and Hers” – PANZ Pastel Artists of New Zealand – Submission 2022


“His and Hers…II” Avocado and Geranium on Colourfix board.

Following on from an earlier work, this time on large piece of Colourfix pastel board, still a little way to go. My challenge here was to use student grade soft pastels to see how much I would cheat and pick up the more subtle tones of my Schmincke or W&N pastels. So far I have more or less kept to my challenge but I’m really needing to push back the high value colour in a few areas and blend the edges and shadows. Will post this piece when completed.

All the colours of the rainbow – my day of pure colour indulgence.

I’m not sure I really need an excuse to use pure, bold colour in my work. I have always loved the vibrancy and energy of bold colour and today it really called to me. Here are a series of small works based on the New Zealand landscape.

These works are on 300 gsm paper with an acrylic base, overlayed with soft pastels. Size: 10.5” x 7”

Awana Beach
Foxton Estuary
Wild Flowers – Ranges
Through the Hydrangea Bush

“Cow Parsley”…I think it’s going to rain.

I know it’s a strange title but in keeping with the recent weather here in the North Island of New Zealand. I painted over the beginnings of a still life composition that wasn’t quite coming together. A number of layers later the final image immerged…

Video shows the process of building acrylic layers prior to soft pastels.
Felt it needed greater definition of contrast.
Was tempted to stay at this point but wanted to challenge myself a little more.
“Cow Parsley”…I think it’s going to rain. Approximately 29″ x 21” mixed media on Fabriano Artistico paper. If you click on the image it will take you to the Landscape Gallery where this piece is available for purchase.

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