Stunning Circles…and they are!

Some great results from yesterday's (19th February 2023) art workshop using charcoal and soft pastel. This is a meditative process and one that I revisit often to relax and challenge the imagination, any topic and shape can combine to form a surprising circular composition. Working in a round format is not new, the 'tondo' meaning... Continue Reading →

Planning with Procreate

There is always a certain amount of planning before I commence on a final painting. I have come to appreciate the benefits of digital sketching, especially in the evenings when the energy is lower and the temperatures have dropped in the studio. Cosy with a cocoa and a stylus. Joyful Orange - base has been... Continue Reading →

Rivers and Ranges

So excited to announce my solo exhibition is now up and running at Square Edge in Palmerston North, NZ until the 27th November 2022. Gill Allen’s paintings and drawings form a collection of semi-abstracted panoramic landscapes.  They embrace the exploration of mark-making as an energetic and spontaneous response to her environment, along with colours evoking... Continue Reading →

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