Stunning Circles…and they are!

Some great results from yesterday's (19th February 2023) art workshop using charcoal and soft pastel. This is a meditative process and one that I revisit often to relax and challenge the imagination, any topic and shape can combine to form a surprising circular composition. Working in a round format is not new, the 'tondo' meaning... Continue Reading →

Comparing Pastel Papers.

Comparing soft pastel supports. Pastelmat - smooth soft grit surface which holds the pastel dust and is less inclined to blend. Colourfix medium tooth good layering qualities. I found it blends a little more easily than Pastelmat. A few working drawings. I used a mix of soft pastel sticks including; Schminke, Art Spectrum, Unison and... Continue Reading →

Planning with Procreate

There is always a certain amount of planning before I commence on a final painting. I have come to appreciate the benefits of digital sketching, especially in the evenings when the energy is lower and the temperatures have dropped in the studio. Cosy with a cocoa and a stylus. Joyful Orange - base has been... Continue Reading →

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