Rhododendron – Collage Continued…

What started with a session of intuitive painting resulted in a piece of work combining collage and the painted line. I am enjoying this way of working as I don’t quite know what my next move is. It takes all expectation out of the process which I find both freeing and interesting, with each step requiring consideration especially in the collage stage.

Below from start to finish incorporating; oil pastel, acrylic, ink, pre-painted collage pieces, and gold acrylic detail.

10 Morning Minutes.

I’ve decided to start a 10 minute morning routine, creating a small piece of artwork over a few days.

Monday Morning

I am working on a landscape, the reference photo was taken on a trip to Nova Scotia in 2017. Using my own painted papers I am first tracing the shape, then cutting and gluing. I am considering the colour and tone of the collage piece before cutting. I have always found collage challenging so hoping this will open doorways into further experiments with a variety of media.

Tuesday Morning

Two more collage pieces, land mass shadow and first tree trunk.

Wednesday Morning…oops

So wanting to introduce the sky and lake reflection but not a trace of cool colours in sight. Wednesday evening saw me painting more papers in blues tones…

Thursday Morning

Sky and lake in place, pleased with colours and texture. One day left to complete this piece!

Friday Finish!

Friday, finished with much learning…
You will see I attempted tree branches which I felt detracted from the distant land so I peeled them off. I loved making the painted papers (three new darks in the photo below). I thought the little collage made up of my off cuts into a row of pot plants so cute, (thanks to my partner Simon) and confirmed my thinking that art materials on the dining table should be part of the breakfast ritual! Thank you for following my week of collage. Now what will be my next arty project…..hmmmm.🤔🙂🙋🏼‍♀️

“Autumn Leaves” – the making…

Since attending an intuitive painting class with  Susan Knaap – Artist, Creative Coach and Tutor,  I have been riding on a wave of enthusiasm and producing some exciting pieces.  I am an advocate of lifelong learning and believe it important to participate in a variety of workshops to expand repertoire and continue to bring depth to ones own art practice.  This piece found it’s name in the midst of it’s creation.

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Intuitive painting – wrapping paper design!

Very much enjoyed producing this card and wrapping paper combination.  What a great way to use this very relaxing intuitive style of working.  Five – six layers of acrylic, charcoal, pastel, and translucent washes finished off with a layer of gloss varnish.  I worked on the small card composition in-between drying each layer – a must if you want to keep your colours fresh – a hairdryer helps!

Intuitive Painting Time-Lapse of Layers.

Thought it may be interesting to post the stages of this intuitive painting, a technique I am currently studying.  The piece shown is still a work in progress, I am yet to take it to a figurative conclusion – hope you find this interesting.


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A Piece from the Past…Nautilus

After a change of circumstance in 2011 I found myself living happily solo with my son, the optimism had returned to my thoughts, along with a rich array of colour in my artwork. More so I had found the courage to experiment and allow the work to grow – to travel across the canvas – a true journey of discovery. When speaking to others about this piece I have continually heard myself say that this was the most honest and satisfying painting I have undertaken – I still agree. There was a real freedom found in the creative process, I was excited to step up to it with the knowledge that I did not know what to expect, no planning, no demands – such freedom! Painting in the ‘Now’ – now there’s a good title for a book!

Painting Synopsis: We can plan our journey through this life; make our lists, pack our bags, schedule our time, our days, our hours, be effective and efficient, but sometimes we need to allow ourselves to be led, to follow a path without the knowledge of it’s destination, to trust our intuition – in doing so we allow others the chance to tread within our footsteps…

“Nautilus” oil on canvas – artists own collection.

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