From faded to fresh…reawakening past work.

After a long needed studio tidy I discovered some older pieces of work that were a little tired and faded. Rather than turning them into collage or worse...I gave them a fresh layer of soft pastel and another chance to shine. ABOVE: "Little Blue Jug II", soft pastel approximately A3. BELOW: "Abutilon Buttercup - A... Continue Reading →

“A Son’s Love”…๐Ÿ’•

I couldn't resist painting this beautiful bouquet, a surprise from my son on Mother's Day. I have been pondering lately just what my 'signature' style is. Even after all these years of painting (almost 25) I still very much enjoy experimenting with a variety of mediums. When it comes down to it though it's the... Continue Reading →

“Promise”…to bring a little joy

Emerging from dark inky beginnings this piece of work burst onto the canvas with every positive fibre the brush and palette allowed. Colour is queen in my studio and although small in stature I believe this painting grabs the attention without being boastful. Contact me should you be interested in purchasing this work. Acrylic and... Continue Reading →

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