My ‘Why’

Tennyson’s monument sits tall at the uppermost part of Tennyson Downs in the west of the Isle of Wight. I lived close to these downs and in my youth and would walk for hours with the family dogs. Within those times I found both tranquility and exhilaration - an almost tangible sense of security in... Continue Reading →

New materials new discoveries…

My focus this week has been on small floral studies, a daily challenge to develop my gouache technique but also my discipline to show up to the page. You can find these basic studies on my Instagram page. I had purchased several new soft pastel sets and was excited to experiment.  Very pleased with these... Continue Reading →

Workshop in the stunning South of New Zealand.

After years of not tutoring face to face, I have finally started taking art workshops again and I had forgotten how much I enjoy it! I was asked by the Southern Pastel Artists based in Invercargill, to share my process for semi-abstracted landscape painting. "Journey Southward" 21" x 7.5" mixed media and soft pastel on... Continue Reading →

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