“Summer Firs” 14″ x 4.5″

I love starting with really loose beginnings and finding familiar compositions within these abstractions. Although the beginning sketches were reminiscent of winter trees, it's summer here in New Zealand and I naturally leaned towards warmth and the movement of a warm breeze through trees.

Last on the board…

All three landscapes are now finished and many learnings during the process.  Have started thinking about this weeks studies and will post as I go.  I am allowing myself short bursts of activity before and after work duties, just as I did prior to lockdown, keeps me focused and grounded - thank goodness for art... Continue Reading →

This Weeks Challenge…

The three landscape studies above were started after making small black and white studies (size of matchbox)j from several photo's.  All very much experimental and not necessarily looking for finished pieces.  Never-the-less this first completed piece 'Road to Patuha - II' seems to have found it's focus. The first work, far left on my drawing... Continue Reading →

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