Mangaone Stream, Te Horo Beach.

I spent a pleasant sunny day taking photos of Te Horo Beach (NZ). I captured some useable photos to inform a number of studies. Below are a collection of studies using various mediums based on the Mangaone Stream. Line drawing and black and white notan. Alcohol markers worked from the small notan lower left. Gouache... Continue Reading →

My landscape process – a day of acrylic sketching.

I entered the studio this morning with the hint of an idea for the day - small postcard sized acrylics on 225gsm paper. I wanted to capture the landscape in a quick and spontaneous manner, keeping my colours limited and reducing the composition to it's simplest form using one size bristle brush for the most... Continue Reading →

Freshwater Bay… charcoal study.

This was a view from my childhood home on the Isle of Wight. Over the fields towards Freshwater Bay. Two studies - above gesso and acrylic, charcoal below. Charcoal beginnings. I was fascinated by Constable in my early years of painting and I don't really think it has left me. The English countryside holds something... Continue Reading →

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