Happy Discoveries!

Out of the chaos emerge tiny pieces of tonalism…

Nothing is wasted…these little studies have been taken from a larger piece which didn’t make the grade. When I do this exercise of finding compositions within a work, and sometimes manipulating the contrast and highlights, I find momentum for further work. It’s fun and I have found it a worthwhile exercise.

“Headland” abstract section – study in pastel and ink.

“Sunset Around the Bays” abstract section – pastel and ink study.

“Poppy Fields” abstract section – pastel and ink study.

It takes a little courage to make the first cut into a large piece of work that has taken hours to produce, but after you find those promising discoveries it becomes easier. These abstracts will find their way to my visual dairy where I will make some black and white sketches and later endeavour to turn these into either acrylic or pastel landscapes.

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