“Cow Parsley”…I think it’s going to rain.

I know it’s a strange title but in keeping with the recent weather here in the North Island of New Zealand. I painted over the beginnings of a still life composition that wasn’t quite coming together. A number of layers later the final image immerged…

Video shows the process of building acrylic layers prior to soft pastels.
Felt it needed greater definition of contrast.
Was tempted to stay at this point but wanted to challenge myself a little more.
“Cow Parsley”…I think it’s going to rain. Approximately 29″ x 21” mixed media on Fabriano Artistico paper. If you click on the image it will take you to the Landscape Gallery where this piece is available for purchase.

Winter Ranges – Horowhenua, New Zealand – Sept 2021

As we move into Spring let us not forget the beauty that is behind us….“At the darkest time of year, Lord Yule laid down his beard of snow and cloak of frost and ice to illuminate the gloom.” – Stewart Stafford. It’s true one cannot describe snowy peaks as gloomy in their shimmering blue-whites. This is an energetic piece of work, full of motion as the cool breeze moves briskly through the dark forests clingy snugly to the icy ground. “Winter Ranges” Sept 2021 Image size: 27″ x 8.5″ Acrylic, charcoal and soft pastel on Fabriano Artistico paper.

Joining with the Landscape…follow up

So I am back from the studio with a full day behind me and definitely feeling re-connected with my local landscape and my art practice. As you can see from the process shots my starting point was tones of yellow but for some reason; the sun and a little spring gardening, this piece has definitely taken on a summer feel – can’t resist those splashes of marigold and nasturtium and vibrant phthalo green – just makes you want to take a walk in those tall lush grasses – can almost feel the sun on my back!

Joining with the Landscape…

For the past week or so I have not painted, I have been framing and wrapping and preparing for an exhibition this coming weekend. I am now convinced that there is a direct relation between the act of mark making and depicting the landscape and the emotion of feeling it’s presence in my life. For me as an artist, art practice equals the strength and depth of connection with the subject being depicted. With this revelation I am off to the studio to make marks to reaffirm this theory and find my joy!

And a follow up to this post…

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