Very pleased to be tutoring “Discover Drawing” in Levin. For those who have attended in the past, new subjects using similar mediums. For those who are new to this beginners workshop, I look forward to meeting you! For further details please visit the website.

A spot of pottery with echoes of the Art Nouveau.

Joined the local pottery and am so enjoying handling the clay. I am finding it hard not to incorporate my years of drawing and painting so couldn’t resist the urge to scrape into the surface with a kebab stick and smooth over the incisions with a hog hair brush. Next week,  if it’s dry enough I will be able to glaze it…joy 😁

Summer travels…

In response to a recent overseas trip; warmth, movement, and a sense of excitement. Executed in acrylic, gesso and charcoal in essence this method is directly related to my visual diary work where discovering pattern and form dominants the process.

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