Sketchbook studies…ink and gesso

There is definitely a freedom to working in a sketchbook, even if that sketchbook was an investment. Good paper is a must in producing a descent result especially when I have a tendency to use generous amounts of water in the majority of my work.

Only the initial working drawing but you can see my starting point for this study. I used an acrylic ink as opposed to an Indian ink, with initial sketch in charcoal.

Reflections of late Autumn – mixed media.

This is one of three pieces I have been working on and it seems as the temperature drops here in New Zealand, so the contrast darkens in my work. I have always been a lover of a strong black line with its potential for drama, and I think that is apparent in this piece. Below is the first landscape in this trilogy, and although signed does at this point feel a little unfinished so I may possibly revisit this.

Below are the starting points of the three landscapes. Middle image was the beginnings of the work featured on the easel.

Tonal Landscape Study – Muhunoa NZ

It was a little grey and overcast this particular day as we ventured out on our bicycles for breakfast and coffee. Unfortunately the heavens opened and down came the rain so only time to capture the scene taken on the Muhunoa East Road by camera and later working a few sketches from this in the studio.

Starting from an abstracted horizontal study I rendered this back to the original sketch. Media used included; water soluble pencil and carandache crayon, gesso, ink – both permanent and water based and soft pastels.

Work is approximately 14″ x 7″ on Fabriano Artistico 300 gsm HP paper.

Oh love this!!

This link although a few years old is a wonderful example of capturing the beauty of flowers in a loose and intuitive way.

This way of working is so close to my soul as an artist. The beauty of flowers; their structure and form, their energy and colour and where they sit in the landscape.

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