“Cow Parsley”…I think it’s going to rain.

I know it's a strange title but in keeping with the recent weather here in the North Island of New Zealand. I painted over the beginnings of a still life composition that wasn't quite coming together. A number of layers later the final image immerged... https://youtu.be/aBOJU68gE0Y Video shows the process of building acrylic layers prior... Continue Reading →

Experimenting – abstracted landscape – movement.

Movement, gesture, line are important elements that I endeavour to portray in my landscape studies. Using a number of tools I set out to capture those elements in the following mixed media pieces. All approximately 6x6" on Fabriano Artistico 300gsm paper.

Abstracted Landscape…experimenting with texture.

After a bracing early morning walk I headed for the studio keen to get started on a further series of abstracted landscape studies. Although the images shown were produced more or less together I revisited each one from differing angles, some using a muted colour palette some more vibrant. Using brush, pastel stick, spraying and... Continue Reading →

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