“His and Hers…II” Avocado and Geranium on Colourfix board.

Following on from an earlier work, this time on large piece of Colourfix pastel board, still a little way to go. My challenge here was to use student grade soft pastels to see how much I would cheat and pick up the more subtle tones of my Schmincke or W&N pastels. So far I have more or less kept to my challenge but I’m really needing to push back the high value colour in a few areas and blend the edges and shadows. Will post this piece when completed.

All the colours of the rainbow – my day of pure colour indulgence.

I’m not sure I really need an excuse to use pure, bold colour in my work. I have always loved the vibrancy and energy of bold colour and today it really called to me. Here are a series of small works based on the New Zealand landscape.

These works are on 300 gsm paper with an acrylic base, overlayed with soft pastels. Size: 10.5” x 7”

Awana Beach
Foxton Estuary
Wild Flowers – Ranges
Through the Hydrangea Bush

From Design Studio to Home Office…

These current times are challenging and adaptability a necessity. Although 2022 is my year to further develop the design aspect of my business I am not quite there yet, hence the exchange of easel for laptop, of coloured paints to coloured highlighters! A little greenery has found its way into my temporary office space too.

Where I fund my art!

I have been an administrator for as long as I can remember, it has paid the bills without putting pressure on my creative pursuits. I am grateful to be able to combine the two.

My little green friends who don’t talk back!
My Plein-air Office where I breath…
The Garden Studio where I make a mess!

“His and Hers” the avocado and the geranium.

I was asked by PANZ (Pastel Artists of New Zealand) to document my still life process. I chose a still life composition that I took last summer. My partner grows avocados and I love to propagate geraniums, hence the title of this piece. I will share the process once PANZ have published their newsletter.

In the foreground is a version of the still life in gouache which I really enjoyed working on. In the background the original soft pastel painting worked on 300gsm HP Fabriano Artistico paper approximately 490 mm sq.

The original still life photo.

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