“Summer Firs” 14″ x 4.5″

I love starting with really loose beginnings and finding familiar compositions within these abstractions. Although the beginning sketches were reminiscent of winter trees, it's summer here in New Zealand and I naturally leaned towards warmth and the movement of a warm breeze through trees.

From faded to fresh…reawakening past work.

After a long needed studio tidy I discovered some older pieces of work that were a little tired and faded. Rather than turning them into collage or worse...I gave them a fresh layer of soft pastel and another chance to shine. ABOVE: "Little Blue Jug II", soft pastel approximately A3. BELOW: "Abutilon Buttercup - A... Continue Reading →

Abstracted Landscape…celebrating line.

I recently completed an on-line taster course #louisefletcher that took me out of my comfort zone and into a way of self-expression that I feel is a true reflection of myself and a style of working that embraces my love of bold line and colour. Working further on this journey I am experimenting with a... Continue Reading →

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