Secondhand Book Review… 📚

The image above was produced by following the experiments in this book. The Challenge of Watercolour by John Blockley. I have been enjoying reading the techniques, compositions and subject matter of this book. First printed in 1979 with the last reprint, as far as I can gather, in 1989. I will honour the copyright and... Continue Reading →

Landscape in Soft Pastels – I love my job!

Such a lovely day facilitating this workshop to both beginners and explorers of this medium. The days results were impressive! Colour extravaganza! Tiny gallery of some of the day's work. We used a variety of supports and soft pastel brands. From student quality Mungyo and primed board to Art Spectrum, Unison, and Schmincke on Colourfix... Continue Reading →

Time for you…

For those that don't know me, I am an education junkie and love nothing more than diving into an online workshop or attending in person. I hope I never lose the motivation and joy of discovery that I find exploring a new topic – there is so much to experience – just love it! I... Continue Reading →

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