“His and Hers…II” Avocado and Geranium on Colourfix board.

Following on from an earlier work, this time on large piece of Colourfix pastel board, still a little way to go. My challenge here was to use student grade soft pastels to see how much I would cheat and pick up the more subtle tones of my Schmincke or W&N pastels. So far I have more or less kept to my challenge but I’m really needing to push back the high value colour in a few areas and blend the edges and shadows. Will post this piece when completed.

I sense Summer!…

Pink stole the studio show today. It is truly exciting to think summer is on it’s way. Imagine walking through this landscape of gold, pink and lime greens… invigorating!

“I Sense Summer”

Watercolour, pencil, charcoal and soft pastel on Fabriano Artistico paper. Approximately 29.5″ x 9.5″.

From faded to fresh…reawakening past work.

After a long needed studio tidy I discovered some older pieces of work that were a little tired and faded. Rather than turning them into collage or worse…I gave them a fresh layer of soft pastel and another chance to shine. ABOVE: “Little Blue Jug II”, soft pastel approximately A3. BELOW: “Abutilon Buttercup – A Drop of Amber” soft pastel original work approximately 7″ x 17″

“Abutilon Buttercup – A Drop of Amber”

Oh love this!!

This link although a few years old is a wonderful example of capturing the beauty of flowers in a loose and intuitive way.

This way of working is so close to my soul as an artist. The beauty of flowers; their structure and form, their energy and colour and where they sit in the landscape.

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