Abstracted Landscape…further experiments in texture.

A few more images to share from my visual diary on my continuing journey through abstracting the landscape. A focus on texture and layering with a few exciting breakthroughs. I'm starting to think that homemade and found objects create far more interesting textures than traditional tools. I'm quite fascinated by black lines; whimsical, directional, so... Continue Reading →

Experimenting – abstracted landscape – movement.

Movement, gesture, line are important elements that I endeavour to portray in my landscape studies. Using a number of tools I set out to capture those elements in the following mixed media pieces. All approximately 6x6" on Fabriano Artistico 300gsm paper.

Why is it so hard to part with my work? Art Juice responds.

Art Juice...why is it so hard to part with my work... Thank you #louisefletcher and #alicesheridan for delving into this question. I will be journalling my journey to lessen the wrench I feel when parting with my work over the next wee while. I hope in some way this helps other artists who feel a... Continue Reading →

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