Tonal Landscape Study – Muhunoa NZ

It was a little grey and overcast this particular day as we ventured out on our bicycles for breakfast and coffee. Unfortunately the heavens opened and down came the rain so only time to capture the scene taken on the Muhunoa East Road by camera and later working a few sketches from this in the studio.

Starting from an abstracted horizontal study I rendered this back to the original sketch. Media used included; water soluble pencil and carandache crayon, gesso, ink – both permanent and water based and soft pastels.

Work is approximately 14″ x 7″ on Fabriano Artistico 300 gsm HP paper.

Further experiments towards an abstracted landscape.

From water-based ink to permanent ink, acrylic and soft pastel, I feel I am moving in the right direction with this image. Wanting to further abstract and delve into the immenseness of this landscape, it’s far reaching water-ways and undulating ranges. I may possibly change the colour scheme to reflect it’s peacefulness and test the waters of aerial perspective; transitioning between gentle washes and expressive line work.

With my journey into abstracting this image I made an attempt at a monoprint – which didn’t work very well. I used a water-based oil paint as opposed to a water-based printing ink, the viscosity of the paint was not thick enough to adhere to the roller or the glass plate. However, not to be beaten I worked into the study; initially with a brush and then a water-based coloured pencil. The final sketch was my impetus for the ink and pastel study above.

Previous work on this image can be viewed here …A productive morning in the studio…

Queen Charlotte Sound 2021 – the original image.

A productive morning in the studio…

Some experiments using a variety of media on hot pressed paper. Enjoyed the process and will experiment further using different supports.

Watersoluble Wax Pastel
This was day 2…charcoal on hot pressed watercolour paper.
Last image for the day…watercolour. I can see where I needed to look at the original photo. All a learning curve and that’s okay.
The original photograph of Queen Charlotte Sound, Haverlock. NZ

Moving on to colour mixing using only three primaries (variations on red, yellow and blue) plus black and white for tints and shades. It’s amazing just how many colours can be mixed, below are two of the five pages produced.

Indian Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Phthlo Turquoise, Black and White.

And finally a well deserved break…coffee and feijoa crumble…yum!!

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