Mangaone Stream, Te Horo Beach.

I spent a pleasant sunny day taking photos of Te Horo Beach (NZ). I captured some useable photos to inform a number of studies. Below are a collection of studies using various mediums based on the Mangaone Stream. Line drawing and black and white notan. Alcohol markers worked from the small notan lower left. Gouache... Continue Reading →

Colour palettes, sketchbooks and letting go.

At times art is elusive, you have a fairly clear idea of what you are wanting to achieve, but the steps don't quite take you there. I had a relatively productive weekend, but what I am trying to achieve is the translation of soft pastel painting to acrylic painting whilst maintaining the linear quality and... Continue Reading →

Landscape in Soft Pastels – I love my job!

Such a lovely day facilitating this workshop to both beginners and explorers of this medium. The days results were impressive! Colour extravaganza! Tiny gallery of some of the day's work. We used a variety of supports and soft pastel brands. From student quality Mungyo and primed board to Art Spectrum, Unison, and Schmincke on Colourfix... Continue Reading →

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