After a fleeting 30 minute meeting back in 2016, Gill Allen and Kate Ward formed the female duo ‘Growing out the Bob’ later renamed ‘Wandrella’ – and they haven’t looked back. A stunning blend of vocals, harmonies and beautiful guitar, sets this pair apart.

The Songwriters Circle was held as part of NZ Music Month 2018. Along with other songwriters Wandrella were asked to perform three songs; one old, one new, and a cover. We would like to thank Manawatu People’s Radio for the opportunity, it was a very enjoyable evening at the Halcyon in Palmerston North, meeting other local songwriters in a very warm and welcoming venue.

A few words about Gill… and a few words about Kate

“When Wandrella play audiences listen. The vocals are smooth, the harmonies are beautiful and the interweaving of guitar fingerpicking and rhythm styles produces a completely satisfying and extraordinary listening experience.

When I hear Wandrella finish a song I want them to play it again just so I can try and understand how they did it.” C Brown – Horowhenua.

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