Lowland Study

This landscape study leans towards the bold and abstract. During my study years in Dunedin I was drawn to the works of Franz Kline I feel this is echoed in this study. I find the practice of applying dark bold line, in whatever medium, is both satisfying and enhances and consolidates my intent of the work.

Here are my working drawings that lead up to the ‘Lowland Study’.

Towards the Bay…

This small pastel study was painted from memory – with a few liberties taken. Across the English countryside towards the bay is an image from my years growing up on the Isle of Wight. This study measures 5″x7″ and is soft pastel on textured board. I am enjoying the pastel landscape journey which I feel will take a few interesting turns over the next wee while.

Maintaining a balance…

I know I am not alone in wanting to maintain my creative practice whilst working full-time in another field. With this in mind I have begun to work within my time frame; learning new techniques on-line Karen Margulis – pastel artist and testing out my new found knowledge in short bursts of activity. The following images are some pastel landscape techniques I have been playing with along with some brief notes on my learnings:

  • Moving from a paper surface (Canson paper) to a textured board improves the ability to layer  pastels and adds textural interest
  • Working from a ‘notan’ – a small black and white study, helps to focus on contrast and values which add interest
  • The need to have a ‘pathway’ from foreground to a ‘destination’ point
  • Choosing your palette of colours before commencing your pastel painting saves time
  • Working on smaller ‘studies’ rather than trying to complete a finished piece frees you up to explore

I hope these notes were of value to you.  I will endeavour to share my new learnings and thoughts over the next few months. If it’s just 10-15 minutes a day, it is worthwhile and you will see results! Thank you for your continued support I very much appreciate it.


Visual Diary Affair…

It’s the beginning of a new year and I thought I would gather some of my visual diaries and journals compiled over the past few years. My aim is to share a few of my favourite pages, and also demonstrate one of the creative ways I tend to procrastinate…covering my books with older paintings or drawings that haven’t quite made the grade. It’s a great way of making each journal unique. So don’t throw away those pieces, turn them into your next journal cover!

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