Gill Allen – New Zealand Visual Artist

Based in the beautiful Horowhenua region of New Zealand with a focus on Semi-Abstracted Landscapes and Flowers.

This website follows the artists’ love of the natural world around her. It will take you into her studio space and reveal her process and use of mark-making and colour – welcome, enjoy your visit, and feel free to ask any questions… Gill’s paintings are a mix of landscape and flowers drawn and painted in both full colour and black and white. Her mark-making and drawing style emulate the movement and life found in nature.

Gill Allen’s frequent walks offer her panoramic views of the Tararuas. With a pencil and little sketchbook in her pocket she makes marks that hold a wildness. Bundled up in Gill’s landscapes, amongst the washes of viridian and splashes of cadmium and ochre, there is emotion. You can read more about the artist here…